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What applies to professionals, should be a concern to all athletes!

the ÖTRV sports regulations 2022 apply, a few important hints for you:

here a small rule customer so that all athletes reach the goal safely and fairly:

Especially for the participating relay teams

  • The relay handover from the swimmer to the cyclist or from the cyclist to the runner takes place by handing over the timekeeping chip which must be worn by all three athletes in each case at the ankle.
  • helmet obligation for the cyclist!
  • Please note that only racing bikes and mountain bikes may be used for the relay triathlon.
  • The relay triathlon is a slipstream race - but there is a strict gender separation eg men are not allowed to ride slipstream with women and not vice versa.
  • The cyclist must wear the start number visibly on his back, the runner in front.

Especially for the sprint triathlon:

  • The open race over the sprint distance is a slipstream race in World Cup format - but there is a strict gender separation eg men are not allowed to ride slipstream with women and not vice versa.
  • Only racing bikes are allowed! ( no mountain bikes, no time trial bikes or triathlon bikes as well as no handlebar attachments protruding over the brake handles )
  • The completion of the full race track ( laps count ) is the responsibility of each athlete

Participation conditions

  • With my registration for a competition in the context of the triathlon weekend in Kitzbühel I accept the liability exclusion of the organizer for damages of any kind. I will not make any claims against the organizers, the sponsors of the race, the public authorities, the local residents, the owners of private roads or their representatives for damages or injuries of any kind that could result from my participation in the event.
  • I declare that I have trained sufficiently for participation in this competition and that I am physically healthy.
  • I agree that the data mentioned in my registration, the photos, filming and interviews made by me in radio, television, advertising or books, may be used without any claim to remuneration on my part.
  • I assure that the data mentioned are correct and that I will not pass on my start number to any other person.
  • I am aware that I will be disqualified if I change the official start number in any way, in particular if I make the advertising print invisible or unrecognisable.
  • If the triathlon does not take place due to force majeure (high water, thunderstorms etc.), the entry fee cannot be refunded.
  • Even if the triathlon does not take place for whatever reason, there is no right to a refund of the entry fee after registration. (Note according to the Data Protection Act: Your data will be stored automatically)

We wish all participants a lot of fun!