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Kitz TRI Games

WOW if they are let loose...

For the youngest of all, it is sometimes true: it is easier to keep a sack full of fleas !
But it does not take long and the Schwarzsee turns into a bubbling pool.

Always an enrichment of the triathlon weekend in Kitzbühel are the Kitz Tri Games,
which are part of the ÖTRV Super Sprint Junior Cup and the ASVÖ Euregio

About 300 young triathletes from several nations are expected to participate.

The world around the Schwarzsee is firmly in the hands of children again on the 19th JUNE 2022.

It is important to register early enough, as the starting places cannot be guaranteed!

General Information

Find here all details about the Kitz tri Games

  • Date
  • Registration
  • Entry Fee
  • Race Types
  • General Information


Sunday 19th JUNE 2022 / at Kitzbühel – Schwarzsee

aproximately start: in the morning 


  • Registration starts on 2nd February 2022/ 00:00 o`clock

  • Deadline of registration is the 11th JUNE 2022 / 24:00 o`clock

  • maximum of possible participators: about 300

  • you can contact us for questions at:

Entry Fee

  • € 20,-- 
  • additionally 5% online registration fee will be charged (obligatory)
  • There is no Late entry on the race day.
  • If the timekeeping chip is lost, a fee of € 40,- will be charged.

Race types:

  1. KINDER Triathlon Zug (classes E & D !):
    Mountain Bikes only (wheel width of 1,5 inches), no road bikes only Mountain bikes !
    Our support crew is there to assist at the check-in and will also help in the transition
    zone during the race if needed

  2. SUPERSPRINT: For athletes age 10-19 (2012-2003) this is a drafting race which follows ITU
    standards, race briefing mandatory, there is a introduction and line-up of the athletes 15
    min prior to the start, ‘TAKE YOR MARKS” – signal horn – jump start. Use the provided
    boxes for your sports equipment, on the bike only the bike shoes, helmet and glasses are allowed.

    Running shoes can be placed beside your bike. After the transition you need to place swim
    goggles and cap as well your helmet in the box, time penalties and penalty box in use.

    Bike: multiple lap bike course - it is the athletes responsibility to complete the whole course as
    required, lap control on the run course, overlapped athletes might be stopped if required due
    to safety reasons

General Information:

  • Entitled to participate are all young athletes as they fit into age group categories mentioned
    (if NO health restrictions exist). The attendance and participation is at one´s own risk.
    The organizer has no liability for damages against participants and/or third party persons.
    By entering the race and registering online you confirm that you have read and accepted
    the terms and conditions by the LOC.
  • A safe and fair race for all athletes is our highest priority! Please pay attention to the rules
    and regulations of the Austrian Triathlon Association which will apply. Attendance at the
    Race Briefing is mandatory.
  • Refund of Entry Fee:
    A cancellation of the starting place and thus a refund of the entry fee is possible upon
    presentation of a medical certificate - unfortunately no entry fee can be refunded after this period.
  • Refusal to accept the registration:The organizer reserves the right to prohibit athletes from
    starting at the Kitz Tri Games without giving reasons if the reputation of the organizer, sponsors
    or the community could be affected. 

Time schedule

Time schedule of the Kitz Tri Games 2022 (subject to changes) 
when you click ....


Time Schedule

time schedule

DOWNLOAD PDF for KitzTriGames 2022

Route maps

Find here all detailled route maps for all age groups of the KitztriGames 2022.....


class E & D

Race Course E D

IMPORTANT ! For classes E & D only mountainbikes are allowed !

Race course E D

Route Map class C

race course C

Route Map class B

Race course B

Route Map class A / JUG / JUN

race course

Transition AREA:


>> DOWNLOAD all race plans 2022


The ONLINE registration starts on 2nd February 2022 >> follow this LINK

Due to the large number of participants, starting places cannot be guaranteed,
so we recommend early registration!

Questions regarding the registration please send to:


If individual classes are fully booked, please email to:
(than we will put you on a waiting list).

Age Groups Kitz Tri Games

You are not shure witch age group or class you are ?
Find here the information about the Austrian system:

Klassen Jahrgänge
Schüler E  2016 und 2015
Schüler D  2014 und 2013
Schüler C 2012 und 2011
Schüler B 2010 und 2009
Schüler A 2008 und 2007
Jugend 2006 und 2005
Junioren 2004 und 2003

boys and girls are scored seperately

Race Information (detailed)

All you have to know about the KitzTRIGames ...



  • venue: Kitzbühel, Schwarzsee, Stadtbad (start, finish and changing zones)
  • Race day Sunday 19th JUNE 2022
  • Nomination fee: € 20,-- per child
  • Eligible: Years 2016 to 2003
  • Participant limit: approx. 300 starters based on the experience of previous years,
    the participant limit will be exhausted relatively quickly, therefore a quick registration is recommended.
  • closing date for entries is the 11th June 2022 or depending on the number of places still available,
  • no chip rental - If the timekeeping chip is lost, a fee of € 40,-- will be charged.
  •  if you have any questions, please send an e-mail to:

1.1. Event day:

  • Sunday 19th JUNE 2022

1.2. Competition KitzTRIGames 2022

  • Austrian Nachwuchs Cup for the classes C / B / A / Jug / Jun

1.3. Course description

  • The organizer reserves the right to make various changes (course length...).
  • Swimming: The start will be with a jump from the shore into the Schwarzsee. In any case
    at least one buoy has to be swum around. The length of the swimming course depends
    on the age group. The idyllic lake (approx. 15 ha large and 7 m deep) is one of the warmest
    and probably also most beautiful bathing lakes in the Alps. Because of the moor content,
    the water has a strong healing effect.
  • Cycling: Cycling takes place on asphalted roads. These routes are completely closed to traffic.
    Slipstream riding is allowed. The length of the cycling course depends on the age group.
  • Running: Running takes place on asphalted roads. These routes are completely closed to traffic!
    The length of the running course depends on the age group.
  • For the age groups E and D only Mountain bikes are allowed !

2.1. Conditions of participation

  • With my registration for a competition during the triathlon weekend in Kitzbühel I accept
    the organizer's disclaimer for damages of any kind.
  • I will not make any claims against the organizers, the sponsors of the race, the public
    authorities or the residents, the owners of private roads or their representatives for
    damages and injuries of any kind that could result from my participation in the event.
  • I declare that I have trained sufficiently for participation in this competition and that I
    am physically healthy.
  • I agree that the data mentioned in my registration, the photos, filming and interviews
    made by me in radio, television, advertising or books, may be used without any claim
    to remuneration on my part.
  • I assure that the data mentioned are correct and that I will not pass on my start
    number to any other person.
  • I am aware that I will be disqualified if I change the official start number in any way,
    in particular if I make the advertising print invisible or unrecognisable.
  • If the triathlon does not take place due to force majeure (high water, thunderstorms etc.),
    the entry fee cannot be refunded.
  • Even if the triathlon does not take place for whatever reason, there is no right to a
    refund of the entry fee after registration.
  • Note according to the Data Protection Act: Your data will be stored automatically

2.2 Prices

  • There are prizes for the Kitz Tri Games: Rank 1 to 3 the popular "Kitz-Gams"
  • Each athlete receives a starter bag

2.3 Check-In / Check-Out

  • The bike, helmet and running equipment will be handed in on Sunday the 19th of JUNE
    at the check in the respective class - start number can be handed out until 1 hour before
    the respective class. The start number stickers must be attached to the bicycle and helmet!
    There are enough Kitz Tri Games Crew members available from the organizer to provide
    assistance - especially for the youngest.
  • Check-Out of the bike and other equipment will take place immediately after the competitions.
    Please bring your race number with you when checking out your bike! The bike can only be
    picked up with (athlete's) start number and the corresponding bike number.

2.4. Award ceremony

  • The award ceremony within the KitzTRIGames takes place after the races.
  • Prizes will only be handed over to athletes present and cannot be forwarded!

2.5. Timekeeping:

  • Timekeeping is carried out by Race Result.
  • The participants will receive the chip and a Velcro tape to attach them to their
    ankle free of charge when they pick up their starting documents.
  • With the registration it is accepted that in case of loss or non-return of the
    time measurement transponder a fee of Euro 40,- is to be paid.
  • The use of your own transponder is not permitted.
  • The results will be published promptly on the website or directly at Race Result.

2.6. Starting fee refund:

A cancellation of the starting place and thus a starting fee refund is possible on presentation
of a medical certificate - after 12th JUNE 2022 unfortunately no starting fee can be refunded.

2.7 Refusal to accept the registration:

The organizer reserves the right to prohibit athletes from starting at the Kitz Tri Games without
giving reasons if the reputation of the organizer, the sponsors or the community could be affected. 

3.1 Competition office

The competition office for the Kitz Tri Games is located directly on the competition grounds
next to the transition zone. There you will get all necessary information, your starting documents
and - if there are remaining places - you can also register there.

3.2. Sanitary facilities

There are sanitary facilities, toilets available.

3.3. Competition meeting

The competition meeting is obligatory for all starters. The time and place can be found in the schedule.

3.4. First aid

If you need first aid, contact the next marshal or helper. A medical team will be on its way to you immediately.
In any case, stay at the point from which the ambulance team was informed.

The austrian sport rules from the austrian triathlon organization (ÖTRV) must be followed 

3.5 Safety guidelines:

Participants who pose a danger to themselves or others may be removed from the competition. 
Competitors who violate the competition rules of the ÖRTV can be punished by the judges by
warning, time penalty, disqualification or other sanctions. Any discrepancies arising from these
rules will be dealt with by the competent arbitral tribunal. Ordinary courts are excluded.
Each participant is jointly responsible for recording his or her intermediate times as well
as the final time. The chip necessary for timekeeping must be worn on the right ankle
during the entire competition. In the transition zone no individual support is allowed,
therefore no accompanying persons are allowed in the transition zone!

3.6 Finish:

A competitor has finished the competition when a part of his upper body crosses
the finish line. Due to the chip timing there is basically no "ex aequo" decision,
but in case of a "ex aequo" decision, the competition jury decides on the respective
placement after examination of all available evidence (finish camera, run-in
protocol, run-in control by KR).

3.7. Protests:

A protest can be made by a competitor (in the case of minors, in any case on behalf
of an adult person) or authorized persons on behalf of competitors (e.g. a competitor
who is under age). Protests must be submitted to the chairman of the competition jury
in writing (form according to ÖTRV sports regulations) and with the deposit of a protest
fee of € 25,- and with a precisely formulated reason for protest. The protest fee will be
refunded if the protest is granted. Protests against "decisions of conscience" cannot be
lodged. Decisions of conscience are referee decisions based on perceived violations of
rules, the invalidity of which cannot be proven (e.g. slipstream driving, gross insults
against KR, gross unsportsmanship, etc.).

3.8. Competition catering: 

Self-supply by a supervisor during the race is not allowed and leads to disqualification!
A finisher buffet will be offered at the finish.