Sprint Triathlon


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The SPRINT TRIATHLON for Age Group athletes is a Hobby Triathlon for everybody (Kategorie B). The race is a World Cup format - drafting race - and will take place at Kitzbühler Schwarzsee on 15th JUNE 2024 for or all masters as well as newcomers an ideal racing format on the elite track.

After 750 m swim in the Schwarzsee you change to the bike. 3000m - and not more - is the bike circuit which must be cycled for 6 times to master the 18 km. The heart and absolute hot spot is the climb up at the "Seebichl" ...  It's only a hill - get over it! The running course at the lake measures 5 km, you run 2 big laps and a smaller one until you can proudly cross the finish line.


Regarding neoprene, we would like to point out that the decision on the use of neoprene will be made by the technical officals shortly before the start of the race. The decisive factor is the water and air temperature.


starts on 2nd February 2024
and ends on the 7th June 2024

Entry fee/ graduation depending on registration date

  • 02.02. - 31.03.2024   € 55,--
  • 01.04. - 31.05.2024   € 60,--
  • from 1st June 2024     € 65,--
  • Late registration: + € 10,--  (if places are available)
  • Online registration: for the processing of the registration fee registration fee + 5%.

>> link to the registration

Course Sprinttriathlon

After a 750 m swim, a fast and spectacular 18 km bike circuit awaits the athletes, the final 5 km on the run course.

You have to inhale the unique natural scenery. Please note - this is a drafting race and only racing bikes are allowed! (no mountain bikes, no triathlon bikes)

Race map Sprint Triathlon

Race Course Sprint

Transition area Sprint Triathlon 

TA Sprint


  • 750 m Schwimmen
  • 18 Km Radfahren
  • 5 Km Laufen

to be noticed:

  • The Kitzbühel Sprint Triathlon is a hobby race for everyone ( category B ).

  • Attention - the race will be held as a slipstream race in World Cup format!

  • Accordingly, no time trial bikes or triathlon bikes are allowed. Also, according to the new regulations, no handlebar attachments may be mounted on racing bikes.

  • Slipstreaming is only allowed between men/men and women/women >> men are not allowed to slipstream with women and also not vice versa.

  • The start will be in 2 waves with 3 minutes distance. At the race briefing you will find out where you are assigned.

  • The completion of the full race distance (counting laps) is the responsibility of each athlete.

We are looking forward to you and wish you all the best and a lot of fun.


From 16 to over 80 years old will be the participants in the Open Race of the Age Group over the sprint distance. A start is possible from the age class YOUTH.

The class division is in 10 year jumps

  • JUG + JUN (2008 - 2005)
  • M/W 20 - M/W 29 (2004 - 1995)
  • M/W 30 - M/W 39 (1994 - 1985)
  • M/W 40 - M/W 49 (1984 - 1975)
  • M/W 50 - M/W 59 (1974 - 1965)
  • M/W 60 - M/W 69 (1964 - 1955)
  • M/W 70+ (from 1954 and older)

number of starters: 

  • Starterlimit: 120
  • Max. 3 waves

time schedule

Start of the Sprint Triathlon is on Saturday the 15th of June

Detailled time schedule 

time table sprint

*) subject to change