Kitz Tri Games

wow, if they are let loose ....

On Sunday 16th June 2024 it's that time again ! 

The big show stage for all junior triathletes will be opened again. World Cup flair for the stars of tomorrow on the blue carpet in Kitzbühel.

Always an enrichment of the triathlon weekend in Kitzbühel are the Kitz Tri Games, which count at the same time to the ÖTRV Super Sprint Nachwuchscup, as well as to the ASVÖ EUREGIO Kindertriathlon Zug

About 400 young triathletes from more than 15 nations are expected.

The world around the Schwarzsee will be in the hands of children again in 2024!

It is important to register early enough, because the starting places can not be guaranteed!


Registration started on 2nd February 2024

Due to the large number of participants, starting places cannot be guaranteed, so we recommend early registration! Already the categories C female and D female are fully booked.

Questions regarding the registration please send to:

>> Link to the registration

  • maximum of possible participators: about 400
  • entry fee classes E + D: € 25,-- / late registratin (if available) + € 10,--
  • entry fee classes C to JUNIORS: € 30,-- / late registratin (if available) + € 10,--
  • additionally 5% online registration fee will be charged (obligatory)
  • Late entry is only possible on race day if there are places left - register early !
  • If the timekeeping chip is lost, a fee of € 60,- will be charged.
  • If individual classes are fully booked, please email (for waiting list).

Age Groups

You are not shure witch age group or class you are ?

Find here the information about the Austrian class-system:

Klassen Jahrgänge
class E  2018 und 2017
class D  2016 und 2015
class C 2014 und 2013
class B 2012 und 2011
class A 2010 und 2009
Jugend 2008 und 2007
Junioren 2006 und 2005

boys and girls are scored seperately


  • Tyrolean championship for class E to youth

Race courses

Find here all detailled race courses for all age groups of the KitztriGames 2024

race course class D und E 

race course class E and D

IMPORTANT ! For classes D & E only mountainbikes are allowed !

transition area D + E 

TA class E + D

race course class C / B / A / JUG / JUN 

Race Course classes C to JUN

transition area C / B / A / JUG / JUN 

TA classes C to JUN

click this link to a VIDEOS of the race course 2021 to get an impression of the swim and bike course.

General information

Find here all details about the KitzTRIGames

Conditions of participation

  • No individual assistance is allowed in the transition area, therefore no companions are allowed in the transition area!
  • Cycling: Cycling will take place on asphalt roads. The tracks are completely closed from traffic. Drafting is allowed. The length of the bike course depends on the age group.
  • Class E+D: only mountain bikes are allowed !
  • Beginning with class C there are mountainbikes as well as racing bikes allowed.
  • Swimming: Starting with class D, the swimming will be started with a jump from the shore into the lake Schwarzsee. In any case at least one buoy has to be swum around. The length of the swim course depends on the according age group. The youngest (class E) start from the water.
  • With my registration for a competition within the triathlon weekend in Kitzbühel I accept  the exclusion of liability of the organizer (Haftungsausschluss) for damages of any kind. I will not make any claims against the organizers, the sponsors of the race, the public bodies, nor against the local residents, the owners of private trails or their representatives for damages and injuries of any kind that may arise from my participation in the event.
  • I declare that I have trained sufficiently for participation in this competition and that I am physically healthy. I have my own liability insurance.
  • I agree that the data mentioned in my registration, the photographs taken by me and interviews in radio, television, advertising or books, without any claim for compensation on my part may be used without any claim to remuneration on my part.
  • I acknowledge and accept that the athletes' area and the transition area are under video surveillance to prevent theft or to clear up theft.
  • I assure that the mentioned data are correct and that I will not give my start number to any other person.
  • I am aware that I will be disqualified if I change the official race number in any way, especially the advertising in any way, especially if I make the advertising print invisible or unrecognizable.
  • In case of no triathlon will take place due to force majeure (high water, thunderstorms etc.) the entry fee will not be refunded.
  • Also in the case of a non-start, for whatever reasons, after registration, there is no claim for refund of the entry fee (Note according to data protection law: Your data will be stored by machine).
  • In case of LOSS of the timing chip a fee of € 60,-- will be charged for the neoprene strap € 0,70.
The sport rules of the Austrian Triathlon Federation 2024 (valid since 13th february 2024) apply also the anti doping regulations of the NADA

Race types:

  1. KINDER Triathlon Zug (classes E & D):
    Mountain Bikes only (wheel width of 1,5 inches), no road bikes only Mountain bikes! Our support crew is there to assist at the check-in and will also help in the transition zone during the race if needed

  2. SUPERSPRINT: For athletes age 10-19 (2013-2005) this is a drafting race which follows ITU standards, race briefing mandatory, there is a introduction and line-up of the athletes 15 min prior to the start, ‘on your marks” – signal horn – jump start. Use the provided boxes for your sports equipment, on the bike only the bike shoes, helmet and glasses are allowed.

    Running shoes can be placed beside your bike. After the transition you need to place swim goggles and cap as well your helmet in the box, time penalties and penalty box in use.

    Bike: multiple lap bike course - it is the athletes responsibility to complete the whole course as required, lap control on the run course, overlapped athletes might be stopped if required due to safety reasons.

time schedule

Deadline of registration is the 7th JUNE 2024

Start of the KitzTriGames is Sunday 16th June 2024

Detailled race schedule 

Zeitplan Kitztrigames

*)Subject to changes