Team Triathlon


For 2024 you can again look forward to the Gamsstadt Team Triathlon !

What you need: 1 swimming goggles, 1 bike helmet, 1 pair of running shoes,
a lot of team spirit, even more fans and a lot of fun
sore muscles optional ...


  • Start of registation 2nd February 2024
  • End of registration 7th June 2024

Registration fee 

  • per Team € 66,--
  • late registration + € 10,--
  • Currently no limit for starters
  • Online-registration: for the processing of the registration fee
    registration fee + 5% will be added

Any questions ? please contact us at:

The entry fee includes:

  • Organization of the triathlon races including track and safety measures as well as medical care
  • Catering at the lab station
  • Gift for participants
  • Starting numbers
  • Bathing cap
  • Chip fee
  • a lot of fun and an
  • award ceremony

>> link to the registration

rules + scoring

What applies to professionals should be a concern for all athletes!

Kindly follow the rules....


be aware of the sport rules from the austriath triathlon federation (ÖTRV) DOWNLOAD and the NADA anti doping regulations.

Special Rules for the Team Triathlon:

Especially for the participating relay teams, here is a small rulebook so that your team reaches the goal safely and fairly.

  • The relay from the swimmer to the cyclist or from the cyclist to the runner takes place by handing over the timekeeping chip which has to be worn at the ankle of all three athletes.
  • Helmet obligation for the cyclist! ( chinstrap closed )
  • Please note that only racing bikes and mountain bikes may be used for the relay triathlon. Triathlon bikes and triathlon handlebar attachments are not allowed.
  • The relay triathlon is a slipstream race - but there is a strict gender separation eg men are not allowed to ride slipstream with women and not vice versa.
  • The cyclist must wear the start number visibly on his back, the runner in front.

We wish all participants a lot of fun!


    • Company scoring: in order to participate in the company scoring, all 3 group members must be employed in the same company (this will also be randomly checked! )
    • Everyman ranking: all other teams that run together in the the Kitzbühler Gamsstadt Relay Triathlon.

    Furthermore, as part of the online registration, there is the option of choosing whether you want to start in the breaststroke wave or the crawl wave.

    We wisth all participants a lot of fun!


    All you need is speed ... That too, but above all FUN, and many fans who cheer you on.

    The short and crisp track makes sure that your team members, friends, but (unfortunately?)
    your competitors have you quite often in mind!!! So, all you need is FUN, SPEED and as far as
    your outfit is concerned, nothing stands in the way of your creativity. One thing should be said,
    camouflage suits don't help!

    As a hotspot for well equipped fans (posters, horns, cowbells, ...) we recommend the Gasthof
    Seebichl, as well as the transition zone !

    Race Track Team Triathlon:

    Race Course Team Triathlon


    • swim: 200 m
    • bike: 2 rounds with 3 km = 6 km
    • run: 2 km

    Transition Area:

    TA Team Triathlon

    The Team

    consists of ....

    • a team consists of 3 participants: one swims, one rides the bike and one runs.
    • There are Women`s/ Mens and Mixed teams allowed.
    • Relay Participiants are allowed to start from the year 2014 onwards
    • come in your own team outfit the best dressed team gets a price !
    • You can expect a professional triathlon event on world cup level,
      for participants of all levels.

      time schedule

      Start of the team triathlon is on Saturday 15th June 2024

      Detailled time schedule

      will be uploaded on time

      *) subject to be changed