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Street blocks

Road blocks from 17th - 19th JUNE 2022

During the race weekend, the region around Lake Schwarzsee is expected to be handicapped and roadblocks will occur.
We would like to thank our neighbours and guests for their understanding.


already during the construction work there is a one-way regulation at Schwarzsee ! From

the train stop on Schwarzseestraße or Straße am See to Hotel Bruggerhof (Direction of travel Reith permitted)

Driving and parking is strictly prohibited directly at the event site.


In the Seebichlweg area from Hotel Seebichl to Seebichlweg/Schwarzseestrasse intersection


In the area: Schwarzseestrasse / Strasse am See / Reither Strasse between Hotel Bruggerhof and the
ÖBB stop up to the crossing Schwarzseestrasse Seebichlweg (height Sinnwell)

>> Please note that there may be changes and postponements!

>> PRINT OUT road blocks as PDF

road blocks

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